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SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
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Production and assembly in-house

We not only have extensive engineering capacity, but also our own production and assembly facilities. We take care of the production and assembly of printed circuit boards, control cabinets and complete end products. For prototypes, pilot series, zero series and serial production.

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PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is an indispensable link in electronics. Printed circuit boards form the basis of almost every electronic system. To design and build those printed circuit boards, you need a partner with the right knowledge and sufficient experience.

Within SST Hardware we can assemble any printed circuit board. Whether it concerns automated SMD assembly or manual installation of conventional components.

PCB assembly

We assemble each printed circuit board, where necessary.

Purchasing components

Smart purchasing of components determines the success of your solution.

Purchasing components

We draw up a bill of material list (or BOM list) based on a new design. We use this as the basis for your order. Would you rather supply a drawing package yourself? Then we will get started on that. Our purchasing department purchases the necessary components for you worldwide. And then of course we look for the best price/lead time ratio for you and order at line level.

SST Hardware can choose from a wide range of selected suppliers. This is useful when, for example, certain components are no longer available. In that case, we can propose possible alternatives to you at an early stage. You will also hear from us when there is a so-called last time buy of certain components. This is how we make technology possible!

SMD assembly

As soon as we have all the materials for your project in-house, we start production. Depending on the type of project, this can be manual production. But the automatic installation of SMD components is also possible.

With automatic installation, we first apply the solder paste to the PCB; the so-called screening. We then place the PCB in our pick & place machine. This machine then places the SMD components completely automatically.

After production, we thoroughly visually inspect the assembled printed circuit board. We also test the PCBA functionally and, if necessary, provide it with embedded software.

SMD assembly

Prototype and Zero Series

Do you want a quick and accessible prototype of your new product? Then, if desired, move on from a prototype to a pilot series and ultimately a zero series? We can arrange it for you!

We are used to developing technical innovations quickly, pragmatically and experimentally. With our knowledge and approach we help organizations to explore, validate and, where promising, develop innovative ideas into a working prototype.


We help you to quickly develop prototypes.

Product assembly

We also produce and assemble complete products.

Product/Machine assembly

The production and assembly of complete products or machines. Partial solutions such as control cabinets are also possible.

With our own production staff, we can assemble many different products and machines. So if you do not have this capacity yourself, you can contact us with confidence! We deliver your product ready-made.

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