SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
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Prototype your future

We believe innovation comes about when you are open to new perspectives and bold enough to experiment. By developing prototypes, we evaluate the ideas of organisations in practice and explore what works and what does not together.

SST Labs
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Experiment with today's opportunities

SST Labs is an initiative of Enschede-based software company SST Software. We have developed a methodology that is fully geared towards the quick, pragmatic and experimental development of technical innovations. We use our expertise and approach to help organisations explore, validate, and turn promising innovative ideas into working prototypes

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Experts in the fields of software, hardware, mechanics and design

The successful exploration, evaluation and achievement of technological innovations requires multiple disciplines. Labs has all these disciplines inhouse, that's what makes us unique. A multidisciplinary team of engineers in the fields ofsoftware, hardware, mechanics and design.

SST Software’s experienced rear guard provides additional quality assurance, including during the post-prototype development phase. And where necessary, we call on highly qualified students for fresh knowledge and the ability to think outside-the-box.

Want to know more about how our Lab works? Read more about our working method here to get from an idea to a first working prototype or contact us directly at or via the contact form below.

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