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SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
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New Twente technology company launched to accelerate technological progress for SMEs

Enschede - Today SST Hardware announces its official launch, a new full-service technology company in Twente that focuses on developing and producing technological solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). With this establishment, SST Hardware responds to the growing need of entrepreneurs for reliable and sustainable technological innovations.

One technical partner for SMEs
The urge to continue innovating is essential for entrepreneurs to maintain or strengthen their market position. Innovation requires effective technological solutions, but not every entrepreneur has the necessary specialist knowledge. The Twente entrepreneurs Rick Koenders, Bram Wenting and Jurre Kuijper responded to this with the establishment of SST Hardware.

“Our integrated approach sets us apart from the rest,” Koenders explains. “With SST Hardware, customers have one technical partner who takes care of them in all phases of the technical development of products and systems. With in-house production and assembly facilities, we offer a solution to the often endless ping-pong between different suppliers. And because we have both engineering knowledge and production expertise in-house, we only design and develop products that can really be manufactured.”

Transparency and ownership
At SST Hardware, the intellectual property (IP) of the developed technology always remains with the customer. “We also calculate transparently, so that our customers have full insight into the cost structure. This ensures clarity and trust. Only in this way can you enter into a sustainable collaboration,” Koenders adds. Thanks to the partnership with the ISO-certified software company SST Software, with more than 30 software professionals, SST Hardware bridges the gap between hardware and software. “This makes us the place to enable the technological progress of your company,” says Rick Koenders.

Multidisciplinary team of experts
Jurre Kuijper, director and co-shareholder, manages the daily operations of SST Hardware. With more than seven years of experience in product development and innovation, he heads a multidisciplinary team of HBO/WO trained engineers in software, electronics, mechanics and design.

“After the launch of our innovation lab last year, we discovered that there is a great need in the market not only for prototyping, but also for support in the step towards series production of market-ready solutions,” Kuijper explains. “SST Hardware focuses on the development and production of PCBs, control systems and complete end products. We are a technological partner that moves with the customer's needs and can take care of both development and production,” Kuijper concludes.

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About SST Hardware
SST Hardware is an innovative technology company based in Twente that focuses on developing and producing technological solutions for SMEs. With a multidisciplinary team of engineers and close collaboration with the ISO-certified SST Software, SST Hardware offers a unique combination of hardware and software solutions. More information can be found at