SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
SST Hardware – Maatwerk software Enschede
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Developing and innovating controls

Customized controls for new and existing applications. Specifically tailored to your wishes and requirements. At SST Hardware we have a lot of experience in the development of robust controls, including machine, process and mobile controls.

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Developing custom operating systems

Our experienced team of engineers has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and we like to work closely with the customer to achieve the desired solution. This way we ensure that the renewal of your existing control or the development of a completely new control meets your specific requirements.

Our goal is to deliver a robust controller with the highest possible uptime and ease of use. We have experience with such industrial applications and can also provide our customers with optimal advice. This concerns electronics, embedded software, HMI elements and the actual housing (if applicable). All are components of the control of, among other things, machines and installations. We choose the most suitable techniques for each customer and project.

Customized controls

Complete and integrated

Our solutions include not only the design and development of the printed circuit boards but also prototyping, validation and even final production. We have experience in using various microcontrollers, specific microprocessors and integrate sensors, actuators and other hardware components to develop a complete and integrated control system.

Integrated control

We develop complete and integrated operating systems.

Custom software development

User-friendly software determines the success of your operating system.

Custom software development

Our software development not only includes the development of all embedded software such as firmware but, if required, also the front-end software that can be fully customized according to your specific wishes. We use a wide range of programming languages and technologies, including C, C++, and more.

We also have experience with various communication protocols to ensure that your control can communicate seamlessly with other devices and systems.

SST Software develops custom software

We use the experienced support staff of our sister company SST Software to develop all non-embedded software as part of the control system. They have broad experience in developing robust solutions for specific industrial environments.

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